gastric testing

Biochip Array Technology: gastric testing
The stomach
The stomach is part of the digestive system, digesting food to convert it into nutrients. It has four main functions:
Storage of food so that a large meal can be digested over an extended period.
Digestion of food by chemical (gastric acid) and enzymatic (e.g. pepsin) means.
Mechanical digestion by vigorous contractions to mix and liquefy food.
Gradual release of liquefied food (chyme) into the duodenum.
The stomach provides an acidic environment where the food is mixed with digestive enzymes and mechanically agitated to break it down. Food arriving in the stomach causes the release of the hormone gastrin and therefore gastric acid and the enzyme pepsin. Gastric acid is produced in the stomach. It consists of hydrochloric acid and salts. The effect of the gastric acid is to denature proteins for break down by pepsin.
Gastric testing is used to diagnose and manage a number of gastric ailments including gastric cancer.
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